3 April 2018

On Thursday 3 May 2018 there will be elections to elect councillors for Sheffield City Council. More information is available at www.sheffield.gov.uk/elections2018

At the same time Sheffield City Region will elect a mayor for the first time. Anyone who is registered to vote in local elections for any of the district councils of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham or Sheffield, will be eligible to vote in this election. More information is available at sheffieldcityregion.org.uk/about-us-governance-policy/about-the-mayoral-election/

Votes for both elections will be counted at The EIS Sheffield.

The local election count will take place overnight on Thursday 3 May, with results expected around 3am.

The Mayoral election count will take place the following day, Friday 4 May, with results expected after lunchtime.

All results will be published on this site, as they are announced.