Newfield School celebrates a 100% GCSE pass rate

Students at Newfield School celebrate exam achievements under a new grading system.

Newfield School
Newfield School, South Sheffield

It was euphoria for many students at Newfield School in south Sheffield as they received their much-anticipated GCSE results this morning.

The result was a 100% pass rate.

Their star student, Kitty Griffiths-Johnson took ten subjects. She scored 8 Grade 9s as well as an A* Distinction in her Further Maths exam.

Kitty Griffiths-Johnson
Kitty Griffiths-Johnson was the top achieve at Newfield School with eight Grade 9s and an A* Distinction in a 9th subject.

Together with other top performers, including Ben Smith, Rhianna Lewis-Tottle and Luke Wilkes, they contributed to the 46 Grade 9s that were achieved by students at the school.

“I’ve been so nervous so it’s really good,” said Kitty. “I’m going to High Storrs Sixth Form to study A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Geography and Spanish. I’ve haven’t given thought as yet to a career goal but right now I’m off to celebrate with friends and then have tea with my parents.”

Best friends, Levi Wright and Qasem Fara both are eying medical professions because of their desire to help people. Levi wants to be in general medicine while Qasem wants to specialise in cardiology.

Levi said: “I did better than I thought and I am happy. Dad was really stressed and this should put him at ease. I got what I wanted, so I am happy. I’m going on to do Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A Levels with a view of studying medicine at university. There is always a need for doctors and nurses and even though I know how difficult it will be, it’s all about helping people, so it will be fulfilling for me.”

Qasim Fara and Levi Wright
Qasim Fara (l) and Levi Wright (r), congratulate each other on GCSE performance.

Qasem was over the moon with his results: “Even though I studied a lot I did not expect to get good grades but I did and I am happy … really happy! I want to eventually study cardiology. I believe that helping people makes you happy so that is what I want to do. Perhaps I will open a private practice.”

For Ben Smith, his focus is on problem-solving.

“I was surprised since I was expecting the worse. I am not disappointed. I am happy. I want to study Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths in 6th form. So for that Maths was the most important subject and I was depending on getting Grade 8 or higher but that the fact that I managed to get Grade 9s in my other subjects is amazing.

“I haven’t decided on a career choice as yet but I really enjoy problem-solving and being creative. The idea of taking Maths and Physics is that they are facilitators, so I am trying to keep my options open so that I would have the maximum number of choices when I leave 6th form.

“For me, achieving world peace would be great but on a smaller level, I would like to explore ways to produce clean energy or efficient systems that would not impact negatively on people. Whatever it is, I just want to solve as many problems as possible.”

Luke Wilkes
Luke Wilkes, achieved the grades he required to pursue his post-16 route towards a computer career.

Luke Wilkes achieved more Grade 8’s and Grade 9’s than he expected. His focus is on a career in computing which he says “is the industry to be in at the moment”. The biggest issue facing the industry are those of privacy. As for artificial intelligence taking over future jobs, including his own, he was rather relaxed.

“I see AI as creating jobs rather than taking over jobs,” he added.

Newfield School was in the top 2% of best performing schools for student progress in 2017 and head teacher Emma Anderson is eagerly looking forward to the final results when the national data is known.

Headteacher, Emma Anderson said:

I am delighted for and very proud of our students who have achieved some fantastic GCSE results this year. They have worked very hard and shown real commitment to their studies. Importantly, our students now have those foundations to move on to their chose post-16 routes. I would like to thank our staff and families for their relentless support and ambition for our students. I wish our students the very best for their next steps.

Provisional data indicate that 39.3% of young people achieved a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and maths. This is similar to 2017.

In the individual subjects, there has been an increase in the percentage achieving a strong pass – English has improved from 54.6% to 55.4% and maths has improved from 45.2% to 46.9%.

The new grading system, introduced for English and Mathematics last year, has been used this year for 20 other subjects. Subjects are now graded 9 to 1 with 9 being the top grade replacing the A to G system. The exams regulator, Ofqual has described the new grade 4 as being similar to an old C grade and the new grade 7 equivalent to a grade A.