Seven new 20 mph areas are being introduced to improve safety around schools and residential areas in Sheffield.

The first four areas are now in operation and are targeted around Lowedges Primary School, Woodthorpe Community Primary School, Parson Cross around Southey Green Primary School and Crookesmoor around Westways Primary School.

Three more 20 mph areas are due to be introduced by March around Charnock Hall Primary School; Stocksbridge Nursery, Infants and Junior, St Ann’s Catholic Primary and Stocksbridge High Schools; and High Green Primary and St Mary’s Catholic Primary Schools.

Each of Sheffield’s former Community Assembly areas were asked to nominate a residential area with at least one school that would be at the centre of a 20 mph speed limit area.

The roll-out of 20 mph speed limits are to be introduced in appropriate residential areas rather than along individual roads. Classified roads, major bus routes and roads with an existing speed limit of 40 mph or more would generally not be subject to the new limit.

Entrances to each 20 mph area will be marked by speed limit signs and road markings, with additional small signs mounted on lamp posts within the area to remind drivers of the new limit.

Pupils from the schools have received road safety lessons and have been involved in designing banners to remind motorists to take extra care when driving in the 20 mph areas.

Schools have been encouraged to spread the word amongst parents by handing out pledge cards and there are prizes available to those who return them and for their schools.

A publicity campaign to raise awareness amongst local residents and motorists who drive through the 20 mph areas is being launched by the Council.

Councillor Leigh Bramall, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Development said:

“The Council has invested a lot in road safety, having reinstated school entrance safety schemes and is rolling out a programme of enforced zig-zag lines around schools. 20 mph zones are an important part of this and we aim to roll them out across the entire city in all suitable residential areas.”

Reductions in speed following the introduction of ‘traffic sign-only’ 20 mph speed limits are expected to be small to start with, so there will be an ongoing campaign to explain the benefits of reducing speed in residential areas.