Sheffield City Council is looking at student provision in Sheffield and how the city caters for new and existing students.

The Student Accommodation strategy sets out the Council’s expectations for new and existing student accommodation provision in the city over the next five years.

Sheffield has a large student population and both universities are key to the City’s success. By looking at the existing student population and taking into account changing Government policies the Council will be able to plan to meet the needs of students both now and in the future.

Cllr Harry Harpham, Cabinet Member for Homes and Communities said:

“We know how important the student community is to Sheffield and to our economy. It is vital that we cater for new and existing student populations and that Sheffield has the right services to support them.

We are working with both universities and Students Unions to make sure that private landlords act responsibly, providing decent housing for students who are coming to our city, often their first time away from home.

The strategy will also help us to shape planning policy so that we provide the right mix of housing for the City’s students, in the right places. We want to be one of the most Student friendly cities in the country.”

The Council is keen to understand the pressures and opportunities that come from having a large number of students in the city and to make sure that students have the best possible experience while they are in Sheffield. The strategy addresses this as well as creating a clear plan for services needed to support the communities in which students live.

Cllr Harpham added:

“Students are an important part of Sheffield’s make up. It is vital that we plan for the future. Our universities are growing and our student population is changing.”

The new five year student accommodation strategy is the first of its kind for Sheffield and has been put together working closely with both universities.

Karen Burke, accommodation services manager, said:

“We have been working closely with the Council and with our colleagues at the University of Sheffield to ensure quality provision of student accommodation in the city. We hope to tackle the growing demand for high quality accommodation for our students in this collaborative way.”

Amy Jones, External Relations Manager from the University of Sheffield said:

“Students contribute positively to Sheffield’s economy but also to the social, cultural and international vibrancy of the city. Through working with Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield City Council on projects like this and RISE we want to provide the best experience possible for students and communities and increase the graduate retention in the city as well.”

The Student Accommodation Strategy was approved at Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet meeting this Wednesday (15 January).