Tenants and residents from Abbeydale in Sheffield got together to create an attractive outdoor community space.

More than 50 people attended the community event on Thursday 27 February to look at the plans for the unloved woodland next to Dalton Court community centre.

Abbeydale TARA (Tenants and Residents Association), the Living with Nature programme and The Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham wanted the opinions of the community on the detailed plans for the area. The plans were drawn up following suggestions at the first community consultation last year.

In 2013 the Council cleared the wood of old car parts and unwanted household items which were making the woodland unsafe and unsightly.

At the event children and adults enjoyed building and decorating bird boxes with natural materials, courtesy of The Wildlife Trust for Sheffield and Rotherham, for the woodland that has been unused for several years.

Councillor Harry Harpham, Cabinet Member for Homes and Neighbourhoods said,

“Today’s event shows just how committed the Abbeydale community is to the neighbourhood. The wood certainly has the potential to be a natural haven in this busy urban area. Thanks to the TARA and Living with Nature team for all their hard work.”

Stewart Holmes, Chair of Abbeydale TARA, said,

“Having the local community involved in the plans for the area means they are more likely to look after the environment here. We’ve had things taken out that were safety concerns; for example some trees have been felled and turned into bark chips for the flooring. It looks like it’ll be a valuable community resource.”

The TARA hosted the event and provided a pie and pea lunch for the community members who attended.

Councillor Nikki Bond was also in attendance and said,

“I originally highlighted this area as being in need of some positive action on a walkabout with members of the local community. The woodland will make a great habitat for wildlife and it is fantastic that the community are thoroughly involved in the decision making.”