20 November 2015

Sheffield’s clampdown on unscrupulous private landlords has been demonstrated once again through another successful court prosecution.

Landlord John Mark Cashin, age 46, of Over Lane in Baslow, was ordered to pay £7,300 in fines and costs at Sheffield Magistrates Court yesterday (Thursday, 19 November). He was prosecuted by Sheffield City Council for multiple offences relating to four of the properties he managed in the south west of Sheffield, to which he pleaded guilty. These were for safety breaches and for failure to licence two of the homes as a house of multiple occupation.

The court heard how Cashin promotes himself as a professional property manager and encourages property owners to use his services. The council prosecutor stated that Mr Cashin is believed to manage 28 properties, yet he claimed in court that he was unaware of the legal requirements for private rented housing.

The court heard about significant safety hazards in the properties including severe damp, leaking bathroom waste and missing smoke alarms which put his young tenants in danger. The Magistrates were clear that they were serious offences.

Councillor Jayne Dunn, cabinet member for housing at Sheffield City Council, said: “The Government has told councils to get tough on private landlords that are not complying with the rules and are exploiting their tenants.

“Sheffield has proved yet again that we’re at the forefront of clamping down on rogue landlords and improving the living conditions for thousands of people across the city. We’ve already been praised for this – and we’re going to carry on.

“I know what it’s like to have a bad landlord. Please tell us if your landlord isn’t treating you or your home properly. We can only act if we know about it. We can and will take action.

“We are fortunate that the majority of Sheffield’s landlords are responsible and professional. These bad landlords tarnish the whole sector. It’s no surprise that the good landlords are behind us on this.”


The Council’s Private Housing Standards team are responsible for the Regulation of the private rented sector in Sheffield. The team also provide advice and education programmes for landlords to improve their practices. They deal with around 2,000 new enquiries every year relating to the conditions and management of private rented homes. This type of action is part of the Council’s commitment to making sure the private rented sector is safe and well managed, and is a genuine and quality housing option for people in Sheffield.
Tenants or landlords wanting advice on any aspect of private renting can contact use for help and advice: www.sheffield.gov.uk/phs, 0114 273 4680 or email: phs@sheffield.gov.uk