A Sheffield Council tenant who made excessive noise has received a suspended possession order in court this week.

Mr Charles Thurnham (56) has been the secure tenant of a property in Stones Inge, High Green, since 3 December 2012.

Mr Thurnham played excessively loud amplified music on frequent occasions, witnessed by Police Community Support Officers, wardens and housing officers. He also threatened a neighbour on one occasion and was verbally abusive to a housing officer on another. Despite multiple warnings Mr Thurnham failed to modify his conduct.

Mr Thurnham breached Council tenancy conditions 19 and 20 which prohibit nuisance to neighbours and offensive behaviour to staff respectively. Therefore, the Council applied for possession of the High Green property.

The claim was heard at Sheffield County Court on Friday 17 January 2014 by District Judge Kirkham. Mr Thurnham accepted that he had breached conditions of his tenancy and was ordered to give up possession but District Judge Kirkham suspended the order on the condition that he complies with his tenancy conditions for the next 18 months.

Councillor Harry Harpham, Cabinet Member for Homes and Neighbourhoods, said,

“We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour in or around Council properties. In this case Mr Thurnham has been given a second chance to amend his ways. However, if he breaches his tenancy conditions again then we will ask the bailiffs to make an appointment to evict him.”