Thursday 19 February 2015

“Free runners” are joining together with serving officers in the Armed Forces on Saturday 21 February for a Parkour event in Sheffield’s Endcliffe Park.

The event, which will run at the park’s dedicated Parkour facility between 12noon and 2pm, is being organised in partnership with Sheffield Parkour Movement and is tied in with Sheffield City Council’s Community Covenant, which was established in 2011.

Councillor Peter Rippon, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, will be attending the event, along with members of the Sheffield Parkour Movement and representatives from the Army, the Friends of the Porter Valley and local businesses.

The Community Covenant aims to encourage people to support the Armed Forces community in their area; nurture understanding and awareness amongst the public of issues affecting the Armed Forces community; encourage activities which help to integrate the Armed Forces community into local life and also recognise both the contribution and sacrifices made by that community.

Ahmed Saricicek from Sheffield Parkour Movement said: “We believe that this facility in Endcliffe Park has created great development opportunities for the younger generation.

“I hope that lots of people will come along on Saturday, especially if they haven’t been before, to see Parkour in action for themselves.”

Originally developed in France, Parkour is a method of movement focused on moving around and over obstacles with speed and efficiency. The term derives from “parcours du combattant”, the classic obstacle-course method of military training.

The main purpose of Parkour is to teach participants how to move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping.

Traceurs (parkour practitioners) train to be able to identify and use alternate or more efficient paths. The discipline can be used to increase speed, agility and strength.

At Endcliffe Park, skilled traceurs and beginners alike can practise the movements used in Parkour in a safe, yet challenging, environment.

Sheffield is also home to some of the most dedicated and respected Parkour practitioners in the country.

The Covenant grant scheme has contributed £20k in funding towards the installation of the new Parkour equipment in Endcliffe Park. This covers the full cost of the equipment.