6 December 2016

Street pastors, who help late-night city centre revellers, have been given new equipment by Sheffield City Council to help them help more people.

The volunteers who are out every Friday and Saturday night now have battery-powered mobile phone charging devices to help people whose phones have run out of juice.

The council bought them out of money won for its award winning Best Bar None scheme which helps promote a vibrant and safe city centre nightlife.

Tricia Watts, Sheffield Street Pastor Coordinator, said: “When we are out on the streets we often meet people who cannot make contact with friends as they have no charge in their phones, and they have no contact numbers.

“With phone chargers we are able to give them enough power to call friends, home or a taxi. We are thankful to BBN who have donated mobile phone chargers to each team. This will really help the vulnerable people that we meet on the streets of Sheffield at night.”

Councillor Cate McDonald, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care at Sheffield City Council, said: “The Street Pastor volunteers do good work in the city centre at night and I’m very pleased to support them through our award winning Best Bar None scheme.”

In February 2016 Sheffield City Council’s Best Bar None scheme won awards for the ‘Best Overall Scheme’ and ‘Most Innovative Scheme’, along with £6,000 to invest back into it.

Best Bar None is a national initiative supported by the Home Office and aimed at promoting responsible management and operation of alcohol licensed premises.

Visit sheffielddact.org.uk/ or www.sheffield.streetpastors.org.uk for more information.