23 November 2016

A total of 26 people have been ordered to pay out more than £400 each after being successfully prosecuted for littering by Sheffield City Council’s Environmental Protection Service.

Each person was offered the opportunity to pay a £75 fixed penalty but refused, so were taken to Sheffield Magistrates Court yesterday (Tuesday 22 November).

All of the offenders were fined £220, as well as being told to pay the council’s costs of £168.79 and a victim surcharge of £20.

Environmental Enforcement Officers have issued 890 notices to litter louts across the city in the last 12 months. Most of these offenders admitted the offence and paid the fixed penalty.

However, those that did not pay the initial fixed penalty, which has recently risen from £75 to £80, were then prosecuted. The authority has prosecuted 174 litter louts in the last 12 months.

Councillor Bryan Lodge, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “The courts have once again supported our council’s efforts to keep Sheffield clean.

“Everyone should do their bit to improve our environment and we will not tolerate those who spoil it.”

Those convicted yesterday were Vincent Yu, 26, of Queens Road, Highfield; Nefeli Karageorgi, 21, of Central Quay, Alma Street; Craig Thomason, 28, of Millhouse Road in Yardley, Birmingham; Lo Bach Van, 38, of Broadway Avenue in Bradford; Yan Li, 28, of Leadmill Road in Sheffield city centre; Nazli Altin, 28, of Leamington Street, Sheffield; Jing Li, 23, of Caledonian Road, London; Hafza Muse, 23, of Batemoor Road, Sheffield; Toni Joanne Kerr, 37, of St Joseph’s Court in Buton Green, York; Nicolle Gadd, 23, of Rochester Close in Scunthorpe; Lucy Jeff, 21, of Norfolk Park Road, Sheffield; Heng Wu, 23, of Union Street South, Halifax; Shereece Green, 22, of Beech Crescent in Killamarsh; Wei Zhang, 23, of Ffriddoedd Road in Bangor; Ying Xie, 23, of Ffriddoedd Road in Bangor; Linda Turner, 55, of West Quadrant in Sheffield; Megan Turner, 18, of West Quadrant, Sheffield; Andrew Shields, 26, of Crowley Drive, Wath upon Dearne; Amjed Hussain, 41, of Nidd Road, Sheffield; Edison Zhou, 26, of De Grey Street, Hull; Jiajun Kan, 21, of Leicester University Campus, Leicester; Jonathan Williams, 20, of Smithfield Road, Sheffield; Hye Sang Kim, 23, of Alma Street, Sheffield; Richelle Lee Plant, 26, of Purley Way, Croydon; Jessica Joanne Dymond, 19, of Christ Church Road, Sheffield, and Lewis Trigg, 24, of Wainwright Crescent, Sheffield.

In all, the fines, costs and surcharges total £10,629.


  • National legislation makes dropping litter a criminal offence. The council combats litter by providing litter bins across the city, cleaning up the streets through our partnership with Amey, educating children and the public about the costs of littering, and using Environmental Enforcement Officers to detect littering offences.


  • Environmental Enforcement Officers will issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to anyone they see dropping litter. If the fixed penalty is paid, no further action is taken. The fixed penalty is currently £80.


  • If the fixed penalty is not paid, then the matter is referred to the courts. The maximum fine for dropping litter is £1,000 per offence.