To support businesses and community groups who are facing difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Sheffield City Council is suspending rent arrears enforcement for three months for all non-residential Council tenants. A range of measures will be put in place help the range of tenants affected.

Although tenants in some sectors are benefiting from increased business activity at this time, the Council recognises that most tenants who rent council-owned property for business purposes will be unable to pay rent during this period due to measures taken by the Government.

Sheffield City Council is providing the following support on rents:

All Non-Residential Council Tenants

The Council has taken action to suspend arrears enforcement action for an initial 3 month period. The Coronavirus Act 2020 now also protects business tenants nationally from action for re-entry or forfeiture of tenancies for non-payment of rent until 30th June 2020.

As different types of tenants will be affected by Covid-19 in varying ways, a range of approaches will be taken to ensure that all tenants are taken into account.

Voluntary/Community Groups on Leases, Tenancies or Licences with the Council

  • Rents and Licence fees are suspended until 30th June 2020
  • We will refund any licence fees (e.g. park concessions, pitch bookings etc.) for licence agreements that cannot be fulfilled

Council Tenants of Commercial Retail, Food & Beverage and Leisure Premises

  • Rents & Service Charges will be deferred until 30th June 2020 by application
  • The Council will consider each application and look at whether the deferred rent could be paid over a period of time
  • The Council may still issue invoices

Council Tenants of Commercial Industrial, Office and Workshop Premises

  • Rent and Service Charges can be deferred until 30th June 2020 by application
  • The deferred rent will be repaid over a period to be agreed
  • Businesses will be expected to make the case for any deferred rent
  • Invoicing to continue to deferred payment on a case by case basis

The Council will assess each application on an individual basis, taking into account the type of business and its circumstances, such as whether it has been told to close by the Government or if it is affected by any general restrictions on businesses or movement.

All applications for rent support can be made by contacting the Property Services team on 0114 2735621 or emailing

Councillor Terry Fox, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance at Sheffield City Council, said:

“This is a difficult and uncertain time for many people in Sheffield and it’s important that everyone’s focus during this time is on staying well, not worrying about paying the rent on their business premises.

“We want to support all of our Council tenants as much as we can and therefore will not penalise anyone who is unable to make payments over the next few months.

“If you have any questions about your rent payments or premises please do get in touch with us, as we do not want anyone to struggle or worry unnecessarily.”

More information about the support available to businesses in Sheffield can be found here.