29 July 2015

Across Sheffield approximately 9,250 tonnes of litter is collected from across the city and disposed of each year. That’s why Sheffield City Council has today launched its new Clean Sheffield campaign which calls on all residents, businesses and visitors to the city to work together to keep the city clean.

The Council works hard to keep the city clean and have over 3,500 litter bins across the city as well as over 200 staff who work to keep the city and its parks clean.

The Clean Sheffield campaign aims to provide residents with the tools and knowledge to enable them to play a small part in keeping their communities clean.

Cllr Terry Fox, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: “Keeping the city clean costs us millions each year and that is why I am delighted to be launching this campaign today. I am aware that alongside the many staff we have to keep the city, we have an army of volunteers and organised groups that work tirelessly to keep our beautiful city clean. However it is the small minority of residents and visitors who think that it is acceptable to not use the facilities available and to drop litter on the floor or fly tip the rubbish they don’t want.

“The Clean Sheffield campaign will celebrate those residents and groups who do work hard and also encourage others to do their bit. It will also make it quite clear to those who do persist in their actions that we as a city will not accept this and we will use all the powers available to us to prosecute them for their actions.”

The Clean Sheffield campaign is encouraging everyone to not just ignore litter that they see on the floor. If you see rubbish on the floor then don’t just walk past it, pick it up and bin it.

That’s exactly what Julie and Richard Gay from Totley do on a regular basis. Julie said: “I like my community to look nice and clean and if my husband and I are out for a walk and we see a piece of rubbish on the floor then we pick it up and put it in the nearest bin. This doesn’t take long and cleans up the community for everyone. Litter also costs the lives of animals and birds that are trapped, hurt or killed by discarded trash.

“We do also go on organised litter picks but this isn’t for everyone. I think the most effective way to keep the community clean, is if everyone just did their little bit picked up litter if they saw it on the floor then there might not be the need for organised picks.”

The council are also encouraging residents to report any litter or fly tipping they see. Cllr Fox, said: “If we know about it then we can act on it. This means cleaning the litter or fly tip but then also trying to identify the people who have left it in the first place.”

All reports of litter or fly tipping should be made via 0114 273 4567 or online at www.sheffield.gov.uk


Notes to Editors

Facts and Figures

9,250 tonnes of litter has been collected in the last year
Over 200 staff work hard to keep the city clean
Over 3,500 litter bins are currently in place across the city
1,219 Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued in the last year alone

About the Streets Ahead work
The Streets Ahead works will enable the upgrade and ensure the on-going maintenance of the City’s:
• Roads
• Pavements;
• Highway structures, including bridges and retaining walls;
• Streetlighting;
• Traffic signals, road signs, and markings;
• Fences, barriers and other street furniture; and
• Highway trees;
and will include services such as street cleaning, winter gritting and landscape highway maintenance.

The long term benefits of the works will include:
• Smooth pavements and road surfaces which will help reduced vehicle maintenance and fuel costs.
• Well-lit, safer streetscene – helping to dispel the fear of crime and the feeling of social exclusion;
• A highway network that enables journey and delivery times to be reliable;
• An attractive city streetscene and clearly signed roads

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