9 February 2018

Campaign for a Smokefree Sheffield launched                

A new campaign has been launched to reduce tobacco use in Sheffield.

Set up to help smokers, non-smokers, quitters and the whole community work towards a future without tobacco, Smokefree Sheffield brings the city’s tobacco control board and local services together under one umbrella.

It has launched a new website – www.smokefreesheffield.org – where users can find out more about these partner organisations and the support, advice and services they provide, including stop smoking support and how we crack down on cheap and illicit tobacco sales in Sheffield’s communities.

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health at Sheffield City Council, said: “We are passionate about achieving a future where no-one can remember the last time they knew someone who started smoking.. We are determined to reduce the harm caused by smoking in Sheffield. Children become hooked on cigarettes from a young age and develop lifelong habits. Our goal is to ensure this is a thing of the past.”

Cllr Mary Lea, Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks and Leisure said,

“Making this exciting vision a reality is something that will need to involve not just current smokers and quitters but also people who have never used tobacco before at all. Everyone can play a part in reaching a Smokefree Sheffield and a healthier, happier city that sets a great example for future generations.”

The Smokefree Sheffield website was designed and built by Workstation-based marketing agency Diva Creative, which has also joined the council’s tobacco control board as a partner and is helping to recommend behaviour change approaches with the best chance of lowering smoking levels amongst those groups of people who smoke the most.

Smokefree Sheffield’s three-year plan also includes campaigns aimed at tackling public perceptions of the use of e-cigarettes. E–cigarettes are a significantly safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Sheffield City Council are advising smokers who can not or don’t want to stop smoking, to completely switch to vaping.

For more information, visit the Smokefree Sheffield website at www.smokefreesheffield.org.