20 November 2017

Carers are being urged to contact specialist support workers as part of a national day promoting their rights.

Sheffield Carers Centre and Sheffield Young Carers provide help and support to adult and young carers in Sheffield. They are running events in Sheffield on Friday 24 November, as part of the national Carers Rights Day. These include:

  • Sheffield Carers Centre stall in the Moor Market – giving information and advice from 10am to 4pm on  24th November.
  • Student carers event at the Virgin Money Lounge in Orchard Square – with finance, careers and carers right activities, bowling, pool, free refreshments and free Spa 1877 vouchers, 11am to 1pm, 24 November.
  • Young carers meeting with MPs of Sheffield, 4:30pm to 6pm, Friday 24th November.

Sheffield Carers Centre helps adults who provide unpaid care for others, and has around 9,500 people on their books.

Sheffield Carers Centre gives advice, information and support to adult carers who provide care, unpaid, for a friend or family member who could not cope without this support.

Hilary Fawcett from Sheffield Carers Centre, said: “Caring can be positive and rewarding, but it can also impact in many ways on the carer’s life.  Everyone who cares for someone is now legally entitled to ask for carer’s assessment, to look at how they’re managing and whether they’re entitled to any other support.

“We want more people to know this, and to use us to provide help and support when they need it. As well as the Carer Advice Line, we can offer support to carers who need a short break and have information about groups, activities and events across Sheffield which may interest carers.  Carers can sign up with us to receive our quarterly newsletter which provides lots of information which is really useful for carers, or just to find out more about what the Carers Centre does.”

Farzana Yasmin has cared for her 20 year old daughter since she was a baby. Atika has a brain condition which causes epilepsy and learning disabilities, and means she needs 24 hour care. Farzana contacted the Sheffield Carers Centre for help earlier this year, and they helped arrange for someone to help her daughter at home, so she has more time.

Farzana said: “Emotionally it’s really hard, as well as physically. Atika knows what’s happening to her and when her epilepsy is bad it can take weeks to recover.

“The Carers Centre has really helped me, and when someone is helping me I feel more confident about helping my daughter.

“If other carers need help then I’d tell them to contact the centre. And the good thing is that they can do everything by phone and you don’t need to see them. When we’re carers, we don’t have three hours to go places – it’s really hard for us to leave our children. I’m really happy with the help they gave me.”

Sheffield City Council commissions the Sheffield Carers Centre to carry out carer assessments on its behalf. Young carers are also legally entitled to a young carer’s assessment, which can be completed by anyone working with the young carer and accessed online at www.sheffield.gov.uk.

It is estimated that one in ten people are carers.

Councillor Cate McDonald, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said: “Being a carer can be incredibly tough and isolating, and often people don’t recognise the job they’re doing or see themselves as a carer.

“We fund the Sheffield Carers Centre to provide support for people, and to make sure they get the help they’re entitled to. If you care for someone and want some advice, please get in touch.”

Visit https://sheffieldcarers.org.uk/ for more information about the Sheffield Carers Centre or speak to an advisor on 0114 272 8362.

Visit www.sheffieldyoungcarers.org.uk for more information about Sheffield Young Carers and the support they give to young people across the city.

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