25 July 2017

Heeley City Farm now has a fully renovated tractor thanks to a dedicated team of Streets Ahead mechanics.

After breaking down a couple of years ago, the charity has been unable to carry out daily activities using the tractor, such as moving manure. Instead, these tasks have had to be carried out manually, requiring increased staff time and costs.

In a bid to get the tractor up and running again, Steve Needham, Fleet Compliance Manager at Streets Ahead, offered to get the tractor fully inspected by Streets Ahead qualified mechanics to identify what the problems were.

Streets Ahead staff, who are Amey employees, are entitled to take one paid day every year to work on a charity project in the local community.

A team of Streets Ahead mechanics volunteered their expertise and Community Involvement Days to get the tractor back on the road.

The renovation work took two months and required specialist parts which were generously donated by Streets Ahead suppliers, Le Pla Hydraulics and A Plant.

John Le Corney, Heeley City Farm Chief Executive, said: “We’re hugely grateful to Streets Ahead for renovating and overhauling our tractor. It is wonderful to have a fully working and safe tractor which can be used once again for the benefit of the farm.”

Steve Needham, Streets Ahead Fleet Compliance Manager said: “We were delighted to help Heeley City Farm get their tractor working. Heeley City Farm is a great local charity and we are proud to have offered our support by using our skills and expertise. Everyone in the team who helped restore the tractor really enjoyed the work. Our thanks also go out to our suppliers La Pla and A plant for kindly donating specialist parts that were needed to restore the vehicle.”

To find out more about the Streets Ahead contract visit: www.sheffield.gov.uk/streetsahead