13 November 2015

A total of 24 people who failed to pay a £75 fixed penalty notice for littering have been brought before the courts.

Sheffield City Council’s Environmental Protection Service has prosecuted 24 people for dropping litter at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court. Each was ordered to pay a financial penalty of £488.79.

A Council spokesman said: “The City Council encourages everyone to use the litter bins provided. Our Environmental Protection Officers will approach anyone they see dropping litter. The person will usually be offered the opportunity to pay a Fixed Penalty of £75. If the Fixed Penalty is not paid, then the matter will go to court.”

They were all fined £200, with costs awarded to the Council of £118.79, a victim surcharge of £20, and a Criminal Court Charge of £150. A total financial penalty of £488.79 each and a total amounting to £11,730.

Mr Ya Ming He (36), Portville Road, Manchester, M19 3DN
Mrs Caroline Brown (58), Brunswick Street, Sheffield, S10 2FL
My Kyle Linden Ward (28), Rudyard Road, Sheffield, S6 2LB
Miss Clare Holmes (33), Concord Road, Sheffield, S5 0TS
Mr Mani Wijran (20), Shoreham Street, Sheffield, S1 4RA
Mr Henry Bellairs (24), Solly Street, Sheffield, S1 4DN
Mr John Henderson (23), Dun Street, Sheffield, S3 8DR
Miss Laura Higson (23), Hunter House Road, Sheffield, S11 8TU
Miss Elizabeth Jade Self (26), Brooks Hall Road, Ipswich, IP1 4BZ
Mr James Kevin Green (32), Cornish Street, Sheffield, S6 3AF
Mr Xuyanz Chan (18), Edward Street, Sheffield, S3 7HX
Mr Francesco Stoppa (30), Eden Place, South London, SL5 0UJ
Miss Corraine Platt (20), Badsley Moor Lane, Rotherham, S65 2PS
Miss Nicolla Hunter (41), Atlantic Road, Sheffield, S8 7GD
Miss Parveen Naz (31), Brailes Grove, Birmingham, B9 5JW
Miss Robyn Louise Carroll (19), Norwich Road, Liverpool, L16 9JD
Miss Sarah Atkinson (42), Winn Close, Sheffield, S6 1UA
Miss Emily Wood (24), Millsands, Sheffield, S3 8NE
Mr Miles Ka Ching IP (22), Meadow Street, Sheffield, S3 7LJ
Miss Chyna O’Reilly (33), Osmaston Road, Derby, DE24 8GT
Mr Joshia Butler (27), Vincent Road, Sheffield, S7 1BY
Mr Bukhari Shah (32), Leadmill Street, Sheffield, S1 4SA
Miss Katie Staton (22), Homestead Road, Sheffield, S5 0NA
Mr Benjamin Holmes (29), Ladybarn Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6WN

Notes for editors:
– National legislation makes dropping litter a criminal offence. Sheffield City Council combats litter by providing litter bins across the city, cleaning up the streets through our partnership with Amey, and using Environmental Enforcement Officers to detect littering offences.

– The council’s Environmental Enforcement Officers will issue a fixed penalty notice to anyone they see dropping litter. If the fixed penalty is paid, no further action is taken.

– The fixed penalty is £75 with a discount for prompt payment.

– If the fixed penalty is not paid, then the matter is referred to the courts. The maximum fine for dropping litter is £1,000 per offence.

– Sheffield City Council’s corporate plan seeks to deliver thriving neighbourhoods and communities. We will target action to reduce litter, flytipping and dog fouling. The full plan can be read online here: