A home support service is set to be picked up by a range of independent providers as part of wider programme of change across adult social care at Sheffield City Council.

The Council currently provides an in-house Complex Needs Home Care service of support to adults who have a diagnosis of chronic and enduring mental health issues as part of its adult social care services.

It also provides support for adults who, for example, may be vulnerable; at risk of being abused, or have complex health and care needs, such as people who have been diagnosed with a long term health condition or who have extensive care needs that involve other professionals.

But a review of the current service has shown it does not give value for money so the council is instead going to transfer this service to the independent sector.

Councillor Mary Lea, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Independent Living said:

“At a time when there are enormous pressures on our budget we need to make sure that what we are spending is being spent wisely.

“We need to make sure people with the most complex needs are getting the best help while still making sure we are getting value for money. A review has shown that the current in-house system is too expensive and care and support services can be delivered equally well and at lower cost by external providers instead. But I want to reassure people this will not mean less quality of care at all. They will continue to receive the same standard of care as before.

“We are reviewing everything to make sure the funding available is used fairly and consistently for people who are most in need of care and support, and this move is part of those changes.”

Councillor Lea is expected to ratify this decision later this week. If agreed it will come into force by April 2015.