19 November 2015


Council leaders in Sheffield have added their signatures to a letter pledging support for the British steel industry.

This comes after, back in July this year, Sheffield City Council became one of the first signatories of the Charter for British Sustainable Steel, an initiative set up by trade body UK Steel to promote UK-produced steel manufactured in a safe, responsible and eco-friendly way.

Now, the charter is gaining traction, and council leaders have added their support to a letter being sent to the country’s largest construction companies, asking them to also sign up.

Councillor Leigh Bramall, deputy leader of Sheffield City Council, said: “We as an authority are proud to support the British steel industry.

“Stainless steel was discovered in Sheffield and the city has a worldwide reputation for being synonymous with the industry. British steel is also essential to Sheffield’s role in advanced manufacturing, which demands high levels of precision, quality and reliability.

“But we also know that the existence of some of the UK’s largest producers is at risk due to the sheer volume of imported steel reinforcement entering the market from non-EU sources. This is why we have pledged to only use steel that complies with the highest standards.”

The ultimate aim of the Charter for Sustainable British Steel is to secure jobs in the British steel sector, which employs approximately 20,000 people, and provide wider benefits for the domestic economy.

It should also improve health and safety standards for construction workers here in Sheffield and nationwide.



  • Highest standards” equates to BES 6001 approved or equivalent.