Six more motorists must explain to a relative or friend that they have wrongly used their blue badge after being prosecuted last month – with the latest fines totalling more than £3,700.

The blue badge is confiscated upon successful prosecution as standard.

Nearly 50 people have now appeared before Sheffield magistrates’ charged with wrongful use of a blue badge since Sheffield City Council announced it would be taking court action last year.

On January 16, five people were found guilty and fined by Sheffield magistrates.

Darren Kynoch, 53, of Fox Lane, Sheffield – ordered to pay £540.

Arshad Hussain, 48, of Pollitt Close, Sheffield – ordered to pay £660

Saleh Al-Saegh, 47, of Ashberry Gardens, ordered to pay £520

Ellen Thomas, 31, of Woodside Lane, Sheffield – ordered to pay £660

Jane Weaver, 49, of Cambridge Road, Brimington, ordered to pay £894

Alison Grundy, 32, of Burncross Road, was given a conditional discharge but ordered to pay £430 in costs.

Councillor Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Transport at Sheffield City Council, said:  “People who wrongly used a friend or relative’s blue badge should be under no illusion whatsoever.

“They will face the embarrassment of appearing in court and then have to explain to their relative, if they are still alive, that their actions will lead to the confiscation of a blue badge.

“Using someone’s blue badge in this way is denying a person with a genuine need the space they require.

“We’ve heard a range of excuses from people who have been caught but I’m not interested. The person who has been issued a blue badge has to be using the vehicle. It is that simple.

“The improper use of Blue Badges has a major impact on people who actually do have disabilities, causing parking problems and discrediting the whole scheme.

“I want people to be in no doubt whatsoever. If you let someone else use your blue badge, they will be prosecuted and fined and the vehicle will get a penalty charge notice too. Nobody else can use the blue badge unless they are travelling with the owner. My team won’t hesitate to continue confiscating blue badge passes where they are abused.”

So far, more than 98 per cent of people caught using a badge that has not been issued to them have had it confiscated following prosecution.

There has now been 46 successful prosecutions for the wrongful use of a blue badge since enforcement began – with Sheffield Magistrates’ Court handing down fines totalling nearly £20,000.

There’s a full list of Blue Badge regulations available at or by calling 0114 2734567.

There are currently more than 24,000 blue badges in circulation within Sheffield – 225 of these belong to organisations and the remainder are individual badges.