Sheffield City Council is warning householders against employing people who call at the door offering building work or general repairs.

The warning comes in the wake of the continuing bad weather across our region and at a time when many householders will be looking for reassurance about the condition of their homes, most commonly roofs, guttering and fences.

Sheffield City Council Trading Standards Officers have already followed up on a series of complaints involving rogue traders cold calling at the door offering roofing repairs, driveway cleaning and gardening services.

Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor Jack Scott said,

“We want to get the message out there to Sheffield residents about these unscrupulous traders. We know they prey especially on the elderly and vulnerable within our communities, demanding payment in cash straight away.

We would like to ask the public, if you are concerned about this type of trader in your area, approaching yourself, neighbours or family members, then please report your concerns as soon as possible. It helps us build a detailed picture of the types of rogue practices and those involved, and we can then intervene on behalf of the consumer.”

All too often, consumers are tricked into agreeing to unnecessary, expensive but poor quality work. Without any written contract or the opportunity to exercise their rights to cancel, people can find themselves at the mercy of the worst excesses of rogue trading.

Those involved in this type of offending operate across our region and Sheffield City Council tackles the problem with a coordinated approach involving prosecutions, awareness campaigns and intelligence sharing across Yorkshire and the Humber.

In cases where Council Trading Standards officers have been able to confront the traders and challenge the legality of the work, householders have been saved from paying thousands of pounds in cash.

To report these types of incidents contact Sheffield City Council Trading Standards on (0114) 273 6290 or