30 October 2015

Parents have responded with passion and ideas to the current consultation on school places, with Sheffield City Council broadening the options for consideration in response. The council is also encouraging many more people to get involved and participate.

The consultation has been successful. After three weeks, responses have been flooding in and parents have submitted their own ideas, including eight alternative proposals.

The council is clear that it will consider all of these on their merits and lead member, Jackie Drayton, and other councillors have offered to speak directly to groups of parents who have ideas.

One of the requests the council heard most frequently was to allow the former Bannerdale Centre site to be considered for use as a new school.

Alongside other ideas that might come forward for the use of this site, the council now wants to include another option of a 3-18 school as a vision for delivering outstanding education for children of all ages.

The consultation, which started on 5 October and will run until 20 November, is based on a set of proposals to create more outstanding school places following rising birth rates in the city – a nationwide challenge which Sheffield is preparing for ahead of other major cities.

Cllr Jackie Drayton, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families said: “We have been clear that during this consultation we wanted feedback and views on the options and also to hear any alternative proposals for us to consider. We have reviewed the feedback so far and listened to what people are telling us.

“We still have an overarching ambition for the area, which is to provide a great new school, housing, to protect existing green spaces and to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion. With this in mind, we are reviewing all the past options, including freeing up the Bannerdale Centre site and putting forward this new option. But to be clear, we want to hear people’s views and any alternative proposals they have.

“All along, we have said decisions have not been made for this site and the consultation is real and all the feedback will be taken into consideration when we make the final proposal. I look forward to hearing people’s views.

“I would encourage as many parents and residents as possible to engage with our ongoing consultation and hope that we secure the same level of interest and energy for the proposals in the North East.

“Further consultations are already planned in the very near future and we will do all we can to ensure parents’ voices are heard.”

There are still three workshops planned as part of the consultation dates and times can be found on the website www.sheffield.gov.uk/schoolplaces

To book a place at the workshop please contact the schoolreorganisation@sheffield.gov.uk or call 0114 2506783.

If you are unable to attend a workshop fill in the online survey or response form at www.sheffield.gov.uk/schoolplaces