Sheffield City Council has vowed to do all it can to stub out smoking in the city.

Every year in Sheffield it is estimated that 900 people die from smoking related diseases.

Although smoking rates have fallen significantly there has been little change within poorest communities and smoking is responsible for half the difference in life expectancy between the richest and poorest.

The Council has signed the Local Government declaration on tobacco control. The Declaration commits councils to tackle the harm smoking causes communities and includes a specific and important commitment to protect health policy from undue influence from the national tobacco industry, by not accepting grants or sponsorship.

Councillor Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council said:

“The Declaration commits Sheffield City Council to tackling the harm caused by tobacco to all our residents – from adult smokers who want to quit, to babies and children at risk from second-hand smoke.

This is an issue that I am passionate about, we are committed to working in partnership to help those who want to stop smoking, and to improve the health and quality of life of people in our city.

I myself would like to see action to take forward the idea of plain cigarette packaging, like in Australia. We await findings from the Government’s independent review on this.”

Whilst the number of people smoking has declined over time there are still over 90,000 smokers in Sheffield. This costs public services and the local economy over £156 million every year, including the cost of NHS treatment, lost productivity (sick days and smoking breaks), house fires, clearing up litter and the effects of second hand smoke.

Further information on the declaration can be found on the Smoke Free Action website.
Sheffield Stop Smoking Service provides free citywide support to help smokers quit.

For further information call 0800 068 4490, visit South West Yorkshire NHS website, or drop into the Quit-Stop shop on Charles Street in Sheffield city centre.