27 July 2015

A council tenant who abused his neighbours, damaged property and played loud music has been evicted from his home.

At Sheffield County Court on Wednesday 1 July, an order was granted for the eviction of the man from his home in Foxhill. He has now moved out of the property.

Councillor Jayne Dunn, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “This tenant’s behaviour was simply unacceptable and he deserved to be evicted. We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and have one person ruining things for everyone else.

“Everyone has the right to live in safe housing, and it’s really important that people report issues to us. We can only act on problems when we know about them and continue to receive information.

“So I’d urge anyone affected by anti-social behaviour to get in touch, and this can be done anonymously.”

Several complaints had been made about this tenant, which prompted Sheffield City Council to take action.

Neighbours had complained of verbal abuse, threats, loud music, damage to property, shouting and swearing, and even assault.

An injunction was granted in May 2015 banning the tenant from the property. The outright possession order was then obtained in July.