Following a recent successful inspection by an external assessor, the Council Housing Service has maintained its Customer Service Excellence accreditation.

This was the first in a new three year cycle of annual health checks which this year also looked at how reintegration has impacted on customer service.

As with all previous assessments, the Housing Service (previously known as Sheffield Homes) were judged to be 100% compliant with the standard and were also identified as having a number of areas where the standards were described as “compliance plus”, indicating behaviours or practices that exceed the requirements of the standard and are viewed as exceptional and an example to others.

The assessment tested a range of evidence which the service supplied to illustrate that they put customers at the heart of what they do. It included visits to the public access point at Hillsborough First Point as well as a visit to the newly integrated call centre at Howden House in the town centre.

Assessor, David Bird, said:

“The service has made considerable progress within a relatively short timescale to ensure that its reintegration back into the Council has not affected the high level of service experienced by its customers. The service has an excellent consultation strategy and they are now in the final stages of working with customers to plan the next phase in the future of Sheffield’s homes and estates.”

The areas that particularly impressed the assessor were

  • Involvement of customers in the setting of standards
  • Partnership working with KIER
  • The Customer Relations Management system

Janet Sharpe, Interim Director of Housing said:

“We are really delighted to have achieved this accreditation, which looks in much more depth at how our recent reintegration has impacted on the services we are delivering.

Almost a year after merging back into the Council this inspection shows that the housing service still continues to deliver outstanding customer service to its tenants. A big thank you to everyone for all the help we have received in achieving this award and the hard work put in by our staff to attain it.”