Friday 20 February 2015

Sheffield cyclists have claimed their rewards for riding the equivalent of more than twice around the world.

Over 800 enthusiastic cyclists signed up for the city’s CycleBoost scheme last year and completed over 108,000 kilometres – or two and a half times around the world!

Sheffield City Council’s Cycle Champion, Councillor Tim Rippon presented the awards at the ‘CycleBoost Celebration Party and Tour t’Work Champions’ Evening’ at the Eten Café in the city centre last night (Thursday).

All the participating cyclists received special T-shirts based on the mileage they cycled in the four week loan period. But the celebration event honoured those who cycled the furthest in each phase and they received authentic cycling jerseys in a customised CycleBoost style with a Tour de France influence. (* see notes for editors).

Cllr Rippon said: “It’s a remarkable achievement to have so many cyclists getting back on their bikes or trying it for the first time. Hopefully, the support provided by CycleBoost will encourage them and many others to cycle more often.

“I am aware that some cyclists signed up for the CycleBoost scheme after years of intending to cycle more, but this scheme gave them the confidence to actually do it. The training really helped them with their road craft skills and the bike maintenance course reassured them they can deal with most basic problems that may arise.

“I would certainly recommend everyone to give it a try – you will not only improve your health and save on travelling expenses, but you will also help to improve the local environment.”

The CycleBoost programme continues this year through the work of Inmotion!, the partnership delivering the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund in South Yorkshire.

CycleBoost is a free three-part cycling support service for residents and people working in Sheffield aimed at removing the barriers that prevent people from cycling. People can loan a bike, learn how to ride and fix their bikes, and how to commute confidently.

The scheme is delivered on behalf of Sheffield City Council to promote sustainable travel and one of the key the aims is to encourage more people to replace shorter car journeys by cycling.

The CycleBoost bike-loan element offers employees and residents in Sheffield a chance to try cycling for four weeks without making the initial commitment of buying a bike. For anyone who has considered cycling in the past, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go, with the loan of a commuter bike, cycling accessories and comprehensive advice and support to get started.

To complement the bike-loan scheme there is a full cycling support package, including monthly Dr Bike clinics, maintenance classes, on-road cycle skills, commuter confidence sessions and help with route planning.

But you don’t have to borrow a loan-bike to take part in CycleBoost. You can take part with your own bike too if you already have one. All you need to do is register on the web site to log your miles and sign up for at least one other element of the CycleBoost scheme.

CycleBoost engaged over 25 organisations in 2014 – from call centres to GPs and journalists to engineers. Between them, the participants burned off around 2 million calories and saved 28 tonnes of carbon.

As well as the free loan of a bike, boosters could undertake training to make them safer and more confident when out and about cycling, get their bikes safety checked regularly at a bike doctor, and learn how to fix their own bike by attending a maintenance course. The scheme continues this year.

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Notes for editors:
CycleBoost jerseys:
• The ‘South Yorkshire Sprinter’ is the ‘Green’ (on a white T-shirt) and awarded for completing 30 miles
• The ‘King of the Pennines’ which was based on the ‘Polka Dot’ (red on white T-shirt) was for 85 miles
• The ‘Maillot Jawbone’ is the ‘Grey’ (with yellow T-shirt) was for 130 miles

The distances related back to distances in the Tour de France itself. The champion T-shirts for the top female and male mileage recorded for each CycleBoost phase was yellow (with black, white and red on).

Please follow this link to the Pedal Ready site: