10 March 2016

Sheffield City Council will hold a special council meeting next week to make a decision on the Sheffield City Region devolution deal, now the changes that Sheffield asked for have been secured.

Councillor Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: “We have been fighting for more devolved powers for a long time now. But, I’ve always said that the deal has to be right for Sheffield. We made it clear that we would not sign Sheffield up to a model of devolution that we did not think was in the interest of our city or the city region and that is what people have told us therefore we made it clear that key changes were needed to make this deal workable, and that is what we have secured.

“Firstly we were clear that mayor should not have a power of veto which has now been resolved, this is important as the system that the government wanted us to have would have given the mayor the opportunity to veto every decision. We also did not want to support a South Yorkshire only model where the people of South Yorkshire would have a mayor but other parts of the region wouldn’t. This has now been resolved with Chesterfield and Bassetlaw proposing to become full members of Sheffield City Region, whilst Bolsover, North East Derbyshire and Derbyshire Dales will fall outside those policies the mayor has responsibility for.”

“We have stood up for Sheffield to get these results and by taking a strong line we have delivered the demands we set out.

“This is not the perfect devolution settlement but it is the offer and investment on the table, clearly we are still not getting the level of investment that was made in the past. For example Yorkshire Forward alone had a budget of £277 million per year, which is far greater than the £30 million available through this deal.  However, this is the only new money that is being offered for economic growth and by not agreeing to it we would be turning our back on the investment that is available to support business create jobs and give our young people the skills they need.”

“The key principle is bringing decisions that impact on our businesses and jobs that are now taken in London closer to local people.