29 February 2016

A dropped cigarette end has cost a Portsmouth man £430 in fines and costs.

Steven Ferrie (42) of The Avenue, Gosport, Portsmouth, was seen by an officer from Sheffield City Council’s Environmental Protection Service dropping a cigarette end on Pinfold Street in Sheffield city centre.

Mr Ferrie was approached by the officer and a Fixed Penalty Notice for £50 was issued. But this was not paid and a reminder was sent and again the amount remained unpaid. Officers made background checks with Council records and the man’s employer, but despite a further reminder the amount was still not paid.

The matter was heard in court on 25 February 2016 where a fine of £150 was imposed, together with costs of £260 and a victim surcharge of £20, making £430 in all.

Councillor Terry Fox, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport said: “We take littering very seriously in Sheffield as we want to keep the city clean for residents and visitors. Whenever a littering offence is seen, our enforcement officers will act.

“On this occasion, the person was offered the opportunity to close the matter by paying the Fixed Penalty. When this remained unpaid despite reminders, so we had no alternative but to take the matter to court.”


Notes for editors:
National legislation makes dropping litter a criminal offence. The Council combats litter by providing litter bins across the city, cleaning up the streets through our partnership with Amey, and using Environmental Enforcement Officers to detect littering offences.

The Council’s Environmental Enforcement Officers will issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to anyone they see dropping litter. If the Fixed Penalty is paid, no further action is taken. The Fixed Penalty is £75 with a discount for prompt payment.

If the Fixed Penalty is not paid, then the matter is referred to the Courts. The maximum fine for dropping litter is £1,000 per offence.