A Sheffield fly-tipper has been told to stump up over £700 after illegally dumping a mattress in local woodlands.

Brett Beardwell, 35, of Nicholson Road, Sheffield 8, pleaded not guilty to an offence of depositing waste.
Officers from the City Council’s Environmental Protection Service had received a report that he was seen throwing a mattress from a vehicle driven by him in woodland on Cat Lane.
Mr Beardwell denied the offence, but Magistrates at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court listened to evidence from a local witness and found him guilty.

Mr Beardwell was fined £450 for the offence and costs of £274 were awarded to the Council. He was also ordered to pay a £45 victim surcharge.

A spokesperson for the Council said: “Once again we thank the magistrates for their support in keeping the city clean. Fly-tipping is a serious offence and the Council will not hesitate to act against those who spoil our city.”