October 6 2017

A delegation of sixty Dutch officials has arrived in Sheffield to find out about the city’s successful approach to improving people’s health and wellbeing by creating a culture of physical activity.

Representatives from the Association of Sports and Municipal will be spending the next few days touring the city’s world class sports facilities and speaking to local experts about the work underway to make Sheffield the most active city in the UK,  by 2020.

André De Jeu,  Director of the Association of Sports and Municipalities,  said:  “In the Netherlands we want to use sport and exercise as a medicine so that people are healthier and less likely to use the health service.

“Sheffield has an interesting tradition of working with its local universities,  businesses and health professionals and we can learn a lot about how the involvement of different organisations can bring about positive change.”

The group will be heading to Ponds Forge,  Graves Health and Sports Centre and onto the Olympic Legacy Park and the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC).

At the AWRC they will hear about plans to invest £14 million to make it the most advanced research centre in the world with Sheffield a ‘living laboratory’ to encourage people to become healthier.

Councillor Mary Lea,  cabinet member for culture,  sport and leisure at Sheffield City Council,  said: “Sheffield has a proud sporting tradition and is known as the Outdoor City because of its landscape and countryside that lends itself to all forms of exercise;  running,  climbing,  walking and cycling.

“We are pleased to see our efforts to get people fitter is recognised as an example of good practice.

“Move More has seen thousands of people getting up and making the effort to be more active whether it be taking up a sport, walking to the shops or going to a gym.”

To get involved and get active visit https://www.movemoresheffield.com/#movemore2020