Thursday 18 August 2016

Those who fly tip or drop litter in Sheffield are set to be hit with increased penalty charges as the city council continues its drive to keep our city clean.

This comes after a total of 27 people were taken to Sheffield Magistrates Court last Thursday, 11 August, and fined a total of more than £6,500 for dropping litter on the city’s streets.

It has now been announced that, in new charges being introduced by Sheffield City Council, the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) amount for dropping litter is set to be increased to £80 from £75, with the discount for early payment also being removed.

Furthermore, new powers have been adopted which enable officers to deal with those caught fly-tipping by means of a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN). In suitable cases, offenders will be given an option to pay £400 or be taken to court. The amount is reduced to £300 if paid within 10 days.

However, more serious cases of fly-tipping will still be subject to a prosecution. If fly-tipping cases go to the Crown Court, this can mean prison and an unlimited fine.

These new fees and charges for litter are set to be introduced from Thursday, 1 September.

Councillor Bryan Lodge, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Sheffield City Council, said: “The message is simple. If you dump waste or drop litter in Sheffield, you will be given a new and increased fee to pay and, if, you fail to pay at that point, you will be brought before the courts.

“As this decision and recent court cases prove, we can and will take strong action against those anti-social people who dump their waste on the streets of Sheffield.

“We all need to do our bit to keep Sheffield clean and fitting of its title as the UK’s Outdoor City. While we know most Sheffielders are proud of where they live, we are not afraid to take strong action against the minority who seek to spoil it.”

Last week, Sheffield City Council’s Environmental Protection Service brought 27 cases to magistrates court after each of the people concerned was offered the opportunity to pay a FPN for dropping litter.

As they all declined to pay the fixed penalty, they were fined by the courts, as well as being told to pay the council’s costs and a victim surcharge. In total, the 27 people were ordered to pay out a total of £6,590.

Environmental enforcement officers have issued nearly 1,100 FPNs to litter louts across the city in the last year. Most of these offenders admitted the offence and paid the fixed penalty.

However, those that did not pay the fixed penalty have been prosecuted and Sheffield City Council has prosecuted 218 offenders in the last 12 months. This is an average of more than four people a week.