22 April 2016

A man has been ordered to pay out £351 in fines and costs by magistrates in Sheffield, after being taken to court by Sheffield City Council for fly-tipping waste.

Darren Butterworth, 38, of Buchanan Road in Sheffield, appeared before Sheffield Magistrates Court on the afternoon of Thursday 21 April, charged with fly tipping waste.

The case against him began after bags of waste were seen on Rivelin Valley Road in January by an environmental protection council officer.

The officer examined the waste and found old clothes, food scraps and nappies. Evidence led to Butterworth being interviewed under caution. He admitted he had dumped the waste.

Magistrates fined him £100 for the offence and he was ordered to pay £231 costs and a surcharge of £20, giving a total of £351.

Ian Ashmore, Head of Environmental Regulation at Sheffield City Council, said: “We take a zero tolerance approach to fly-tipping and littering, and cases like this demonstrate that we take incidents very seriously.

“Cases such as this demonstrate that we can, and do, take incidents of fly-tipping very seriously.

“Fly-tipping is by no means a victimless crime. It is a blight on our city’s beautiful landscape, and also costs the authority an awful lot of money to clean it up and dispose of it carefully – money that could be spent on essential services.

“We want people to report fly-tipping to us. This can be done online at www.sheffield.gov.uk or by calling 101.”

This crack down on fly tippers is part of the council’s Clean Sheffield campaign which aims to encourage residents and businesses to take responsibility for their communities and keeping them clean.

The council’s Environmental Protection service successfully prosecuted 16 waste offences in the last year and has issued 39 Fixed Penalty Notices in respect of the dumping of waste. Over 1,200 Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued for littering offences, with 110 people being prosecuted where the fixed penalty was not paid. Fines for littering total more than £20,000 with costs of over £12,500 being awarded to the council.