1 November 2017

A six week consultation has been launched today to find out what people in Sheffield think about the West Street and Devonshire Green areas of the city centre.

West Street and Devonshire Green are popular parts of the city centre and attract people looking to shop in one of the many boutique or independent retailers,  or enjoy the bars and restaurants that have made it a lively part of town.

As part of its ongoing plans to improve the area,  and to tackle concerns expressed by local residents and health and welfare groups who have said too many licenced premises are contributing to more crime and anti-social behaviour,  the council is encouraging people to spend a few minutes giving their views.

Councillor Bryan Lodge,  Cabinet Member for Environment and Streetscene said:  “The consultation will help us find out if there is a link between the number and mix of licensed premises and the problems people might encounter in the neighbourhood.

“We will get a clearer picture of what people love about the area,  identify any issues in more detail and ask them what solutions they want us to consider to make it better for anyone.  I would urge everyone to make the time to answer the questions.”

The questionnaire will give people the chance to:

–       Share their experiences of the area including any anti-social behaviour they may have witnessed.

–        Say what kind of licensed premises they would like to see open.

–        Choose a number of different fixes including more CCTV,  stronger presence of police and City Centre ambassadors, better lighting,  no sales of strong or super-strength lager and cider and greater support for homeless people and street drinkers.

The evidence from the survey,  along with local crime and disorder figures and other factors including complaints recorded by local authorities and health related statistics will be used to decide whether or not a Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP) should be introduced.

CIPs are local special policies that create an assumption that new licenses to sell alcohol,  in a designated zone,  will be refused unless the applicant can show they will not add to existing problems.  A CIP does not stop licences from being issued but can require the licence holder to put in place specific measures,  including shorter opening hours,  to reduce any harm.

Councillor Lodge added:  “West Street and Devonshire Green are well represented in the city’s Best Bar None scheme for responsible alcohol retailers and Sheffield as a whole has Purple Flag status for a safer night time economy.

“Whilst CIPs have been used successfully in other cities we want to know if it is right for Sheffield,  or if there are better ways to create an environment that will make more people come to West Street and Devonshire Green and see the area flourish”.

The survey is open until 13 December 2017 at https://sheffield.citizenspace.com/place-business-strategy/cumulative-impact-policy