15 December 2016

Most of us are gearing up for the Christmas holidays but not everyone is looking forward to a happy festive season.

Sheffield City Council is urging kind-hearted people in Sheffield to help people sleeping rough by contacting the city’s rough sleeper service and donating time, money and goods to the charities that support them.

Councillor Jayne Dunn, Cabinet Member for Housing at Sheffield City Council, said: “It’s not good for people to sleep rough. It can cause all sorts of health problems and puts people at risk, especially during the cold.

“Help is available in Sheffield and we provide emergency accommodation for anyone who’s out during extreme winter weather.

“We’re asking people to contact our rough sleeper service if they’re worried about someone, so they can offer the support they need to get off the streets. People can also give time, money or goods to help the many homeless support charities we have in Sheffield.”

Sheffield’s rough sleeper service can be reached by calling 0114 263 6964. During evenings and weekends please phone the council’s out of hours housing solution service on 0800 7311 689.

James Atkinson, manager of Sheffield’s rough sleeper service Turning Point, said: “We never stop trying to provide accommodation for anyone that needs it and there are lots of different services that help people who are sleeping rough or homeless.

“It’s not the case that someone won’t get help if they don’t meet certain criteria. There are lots of services in Sheffield helping people in different ways with different needs.”

The different services and charities in Sheffield work together to provide support for people, seven days a week. Information about the different ways of helping is available at www.helpushelp.uk