7 March 2017

Steps to help save a much-loved community building, and protect it for years to come, have been taken by Sheffield City Council and the local community.

The Inman Pavilion, overlooking Oxley Park in Stocksbridge, has hosted local groups and clubs since the 1950’s but is in need of significant upgrade and improvement.

Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet, acting as the Trustees of the Oxley Park charitable trust, is set to agree a new 25-year lease to the Garden Village Community Association at a nominal rent.

The Community Association, which is also a charity, originally built the pavilion in the 1950’s on land owned by the Oxley Park Trust and has successfully operated and repaired it since then.

It has now asked for a much longer lease to enable bids to be made for external funding to support a number of improvements, including a re-wire, re-cladding of the building and preservation of the parquet floor, and energy efficiency works.

The renewal of the lease helps to guarantee the future of activities such as the out-of-school science club, line dancing classes and children’s choir which currently run from the pavilion.

Beryl Sharp, chairman of the Garden Village Community Association, said: “We are delighted that the lease has been extended as this gives us much more scope to bid for much-needed funding to retrofit the building, so the hard work starts here!

“It’s a bit like stepping into the Tardis – it looks small on the outside but it’s so spacious inside. The five trustees of the Association have worked so hard with the Council to get us to this point. We have an ambition to make the building more sustainable and secure its place in the community for years to come.”

Local councillor Richard Crowther added: “The pavilion and all the groups that use it are important to our community and we will continue working hard to help keep it going long into the future. If you live in Stocksbridge but don’t currently use the pavilion, I’d encourage you to pop up and see what’s going on.”

Councillor Ben Curran, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources at Sheffield City Council, said: “The council will always do what it can to help strengthen our communities and having social groups like this is a big thing. I’m very pleased to support the efforts to sustain and boost this much loved pavilion.

“The community association has worked incredibly hard to manage it for the benefit of local people in Stocksbridge and I want to congratulate them on their efforts.”

Visit the Inman Pavilion’s Facebook page to find out more about the pavilion and groups running there: www.facebook.com/groups/341879422649268/

Find out more about Sheffield City Council’s decision to grant the long term lease by reading its March Cabinet paper at www.sheffield.gov.uk

The five trustees of the Garden Village Community Association are Beryl Sharp, Gillian Woolf, James O’ Neill, Mark Wrigley and Brian Grundill. Mahroof Mohammed MRICS of Mark Jenkinson & Co is acting for the Garden Village Community Association on the lease renewal.