19 October 2015

A new pedestrian crossing has been officially opened at the site of an accident that led to the death of a 14 year old schoolgirl last year.

A petition signed by 12,571 people was sent to Sheffield City Council requesting a controlled pedestrian crossing and speed restrictions on Normanton Hill.

This followed the incident on 9 May 2014 near the Richmond Park entrance when 14 year old Jasmyn Chan was fatally injured and another 12 year old girl was seriously injured.

Jazzy’s Crossing was officially opened today (Monday 19 October) at 10.30am by Jasmyn’s parents, with local campaigners and councillors present as well as representatives from Amey, who constructed the crossing and re-aligned the entrance into the park.

Stuart Nichols, Amey’s Account Manager in Sheffield said: “Our team have done a great job of delivering both the design and installation elements of this significant and much-needed puffin crossing on Normanton Hill, known locally as Jazzy’s Crossing.

“We’ve worked closely with Sheffield City Council in order to complete the works quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption, getting the crossing fully up and running for pedestrians to use within 6 weeks.

“The new crossing incorporates technology that will monitor how long it takes a pedestrian to cross the road and, if necessary, extend the period of time that the green man is displayed for to enable pedestrians to cross safely.

“The feedback that we have received from the community and local residents so far has been fantastic and we would like to thank drivers for their patience whilst we carried out the works.”

Streets Ahead renewed the street lighting, re-surfaced the road as far as the park entrance and the Council funded the addition of a higher skid resistant material at the crossing point ahead of the crossing.

South Yorkshire Police has undertaken speed enforcement checks and camera enforcement signs were installed.

The Road Safety Education, Training and Publicity team has contacted both Birley Community College and Outwood Academy and has arranged road safety education sessions with the schools.