22 June 2016

The unveiling of the Women of Steel statue in Barker’s Pool on Friday has captured the imagination and hearts of the city, with around 3,000 people turning out in person to honour the ladies who were conscripted to work in steel works all over South Yorkshire during the wars. The #WomenofSteel hashtag was trending on twitter on the day, and tens of thousands of people shared images and the ‘Women of Steel’ song on social media in the days following the unveiling.

The Council are now issuing a call to action for the public to keep this momentum going, and continue to keep the Women of Steel high up in the consciousness of the city and beyond.

Councillor Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council, said: “The unveiling of the statue on Friday was an incredible event. The atmosphere blew everyone away. We knew it would be a special day, but there were tears and dancing in the aisles. We want to keep that spirit alive so we are asking firstly that people take a photograph of themselves with the statue ‘arm in arm to say thank you’ to the Women of Steel, and share these on social media.

“Secondly, we are delighted that John Reilly is donating any royalties he makes from downloads of his fantastic song to the fundraising appeal. Any further money will now be spent on creating an archive, education and legacy work to help tell the story of the Women of Steel to future generations, as well as any further medallions for the ladies and their families.

“We would encourage everyone to download the song, and spread the word. Wouldn’t it be incredible to see our Women of Steel in the charts!”

Please share your pictures ‘arm in arm to say thank you’ on twitter and facebook with the hashtag #WomenofSteel, and the Council accounts will share these.

The song Women of Steel, which was written by Eliot Kennedy, John Parr and John Reilly, and sung by John Reilly, is available to download at the following links at itunes or Amazon.