25 February 2016


This week the Sheffield Green Commission will publish its final report and recommendations entitled ‘Sheffield’s Green Commitment’.

The final report of the Sheffield Green Commission focuses on four key priorities to transform Sheffield into a more successful, sustainable, and competitive city.

The four priorities are: 1) Connected city 2) Transformative energy 3) European Green City 4) Learning City. Beneath each priority area sit a number of recommendations for Sheffield as a city to take forward.

The Sheffield Green Commission is an independent body set up to allow leaders from across the public and private sector to make sure environmental and sustainability issues are given a high priority over the next 15-20 years.

Commissioners represent Sheffield’s business, economic, environmental, academic and health interests. The Commission has sat over several months collecting evidence, both oral and written, as well as holding debates and hearing from expert witnesses. This evidence will remain available to the public through the city’s archives service.

The Commissioners will now take the report into their own institutions as a ‘call to action’. A public consultation will be conducted through Sheffield City Council’s online consultation portal ‘Citizen Space’ that can be accessed from the www.sheffield.gov.uk home page.

Councillor Jayne Dunn, Cabinet Member for Housing and Chair of the Sheffield Green Commission said: “The Sheffield we want to see in the future is successful, competitive, sustainable and open for business. A citywide response is required to transform Sheffield into the smart, sustainable, future city which we know it can be.

“We are now asking for your commitment – as civic leaders, large and small organisations, business and communities as well as individuals – to help us turn this vision into a measurable, deliverable change programme. Sheffield has a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to take forward these actions outlined in this report.”

Liz Ballard, Chief Executive Officer of Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust and co-Chair of the Green Commission added: “Sheffield really can become a more sustainable city, with a better quality of life for all, if we work together to achieve this common goal. And as one of our presenters said – the battle for sustainability will be won or lost in our cities.”

The full report, ‘Sheffield’s Green Commitment’, and a brief summary version will be available to the public in PDF. These will be uploaded to the Sheffield City Council website:  www.sheffield.gov.uk/your-city-council/policy–performance/green-commission. The PDF of the full report will be sent to the Sheffield Green Commission public mailing list. Printed copies of the full report will be available through the reference section of local libraries. Schools will be able to access the summary on SchoolPoint.



Notes for editors:

For more information on Sheffield Green Commission visit www.sheffield.gov.uk/your-city-council/policy–performance/green-commission