Friday 2 September 2016

A clear message was once again sent to litter louts in Sheffield as a further 30 people were taken to court yesterday (Thursday 1 September) and fined for dropping litter on the streets.

Sheffield City Council’s Environmental Protection Service brought the prosecutions after each person was offered the opportunity to pay a £75 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

Each of them declined to pay the FPN, and so were taken to court and prosecuted for the offence at Sheffield Magistrates Court.

All the offenders were fined, as well as being told to pay the council’s costs and a victim surcharge of £20, with their fines totalling £7,840.

Environmental Enforcement Officers have issued nearly 1,100 Fixed Penalty Notices to litter louts across the city in the last year. Most of these offenders admitted the offence and paid the FPN.

Those that did not pay the FPN have been prosecuted. The council has prosecuted 229 litter louts in the last 12 months.

The FPN has recently been increased from £75 to £80.

Councillor Bryan Lodge, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “I am pleased that once again the courts have supported our firm approach to tackling littering in the city.

“Most of our residents do their bit to keep the city clean but for those who don’t, I hope this sends a clear message that we will not tolerate littering on our streets, it’s a drain on our resources and costs millions of pounds to clear up every year, millions that could be better spent elsewhere.”

Those convicted on Thursday, 1 September 2016 were:

  • Mr Robert Tinsley (37), of Dale Road, Matlock Bath, DE4 3RT, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Thomas Powell (21), of Kelsey Street, Lincoln, LN1 1XA, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Juan Liu (24), of Trigon, 191 Shoreham Street, Sheffield, S1 4RA, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Chum Sihan Lim (25), of Mount Street, Sheffield, S11 8DJ, fine £75, costs £168
  • Miss Nikki Harston (23), of Kings Chambers, 1 King Street, City Centre, Sheffield, S3 8LF, fine £75, costs £168
  • Miss Rachel Roberts (26), of Birk Avenue, Barnsley, S70 3AH, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Dale Wallace (27), of Filey Street, Sheffield, S10 2FF, fine £75, costs £168
  • Miss Nicolle Brown (27), of Angleton Gardens, Sheffield, S2 1ND, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Kyle Marsh (26), of Ladybrook Lane, Nottingham, NG19 6QL, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Allen Hardy (42), of Freeman Street, Barnsley, S70 4JL, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr David Zhang (24), of Hoyle Street, Sheffield, S3 7LG, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Adam Yang (22), of Exchange Works, 179 Arundel Street, Sheffield, S1 2NX, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Rizwan Akhtar (22), of Denholme Close, Sheffield, S3 9QB, fine £50, costs £168
  • Miss Louise Tyler (26), of Foxwood Road, Sheffield, S12 2FP, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Matthew Thompson (27), of Roche Dene, Muglet Lane, Maltyby, Rotherham, S66 7NA, fine £75, costs £168
  • Miss Erin Doyle (23), of Midland Street, Sheffield, S1 4SZ, fine £75, costs £168
  • Miss Oliva Mooney (22), of Pendlebury Road, Gatley, Cheedle, SK8 4BH, fine £75, costs £168
  • Miss Chantelle Casper (26), of Kirkgate, Bridlington, YO16 7BW, fine £75, costs £168
  • Miss Kerry Williams (36), of Windsor Road, Manchester, M40 1QQ, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Li Peng (22), of City Point, 1 Solly Street, Sheffield, S1 4BX, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Asad Adrees (35), of Machin Street, Stoke On Trent, ST6 6BT, fine £75, costs £168
  • Miss Georgina Allan (25), of Bramhall Street, Cleethorpes, DN35 7QU, fine £75, costs £168
  • Miss Helena Foster (27), of Colley Crescent, Sheffield, S5 9FR, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Blake Jenkins (23), of Lear Close, Worchester, WR2 5QE, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mrs Leanne Marie Hutchinson (33), of Low Road, Stannington, Sheffield, S6 5FY, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Ryan Christopher Parks (29), of Kingsley Court, Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield, NG19 8JF, fine £50, costs £168
  • Miss Jenny Clarke (27), of Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S4 7WZ, fine £75, costs £168
  • Ms Maria Diana Llie (25), of Raynville Road, Leeds, LS12 2TF, fine £75, costs £168
  • Miss Miah Alexandra Barnes (21), of Stanhope Road, Sheffield, S12 2EQ, fine £75, costs £168
  • Mr Tariq Mohammed (33), of Waterloo Road, Pudsey, LS28 7PW, fine £75, costs £168

In all, the fines, costs and surcharges total £7,840.