Friday 4 March 2016

Sheffield Council’s Environmental Protection Service has prosecuted a further 25 people for littering in the city. Each person was offered the opportunity to pay a £75 Fixed Penalty but declined to do so, and so were taken to court and prosecuted for the offence, with the total coming to £9581.33.

Two people who distributed free literature in the city centre without a permit, despite knowing it was against the law, were also prosecuted and found guilty.

One person who was seen fly posting in the city was also prosecuted and found guilty.

Several convictions took place on Thursday 3 March, all those convicted were fined, as well as being told to pay the Council’s costs and a victim surcharge.

The cases included 25 for littering, one for fly posting and two for distributing free literature without a permit. Those convicted were:


  • Miss Paula Sadler (40), of Manchester Road, Huddersfield, HD4 5SN, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Miss Tracey Cooke (45), of Norfolk Street, Rotherham, S65 1HP, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Miss Gemma Smedley (28), of The Common, Sheffield, S35 9WJ, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr Xian Meng (20), of Rockingham House, 1 Newcastle Street, Sheffield, S1 3PD, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Miss Tayce Morris (29), of Badger Close, Sheffield, S13 7TF, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr David Clark (32), of Deer Park Road, Sheffield, S6 5NF, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr Marcin Nowatkowski (43), of Westgate, Rotherham, S60 1BQ, fine £75, costs £118.79, surcharge £20
  • Mr Gianni Petrillo (22), of Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, S40 2BY, fine £50, costs £60, surcharge £20
  • Mr Daniel Thomas (29), of Spring Hill, Sheffield, S10 1ET, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mrs Melanie Joanne Mitchell (42), of Sicey Avenue, Sheffield, S5 0EL, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr Ruiqiang Zhao (24), of Velocity Tower, St Mary’s Gate, Sheffield, S1 4LS, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Miss Yu Liu (23), of Velocity Tower, St Mary’s Gate, Sheffield, S1 4LS, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Miss Elizabeth Cooley (21), of The Glass House, Union Road, Nottingham, NG3 1FG, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mrs Joanne Crump (43), of Boundary Road, Sheffield, S2 5FF, fine £75, costs £118.79, surcharge £20
  • Miss Emily West (22), of Wellbank Lowther Road, Prestwich, M25 9PU, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr Yuhao Cheng (20), of Boomerang, Fawcett Street, Sheffield, S3 7PN, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr Lei Lui (24), of Hoyle Street, Sheffield, S3 7LG, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Miss Zoe Heseltine (23), of Whitham Road, Sheffield, S10 2SN, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr Gaise Makumidi (40), of College Court, Sheffield, S4 7FN, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr James Burgess (34), of Gell Street, Sheffield, S3 7QT, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr Stavros Dimitriou (21), of Don Building, The Forge, Boston Street, Sheffield, S2 4QQ, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr Samuel Moxon (18), of Christ Church Road, Sheffield, S3 9HN, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr Nathan Amendola (28), of Club Garden Road, Sheffield, S11 8BX, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Ms Katie Naylor (20), of Victoria Hall, 61 Eldon Street, Sheffield, S1 4GX, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Miss Gemma Cummins (33), of Samuel Place, Sheffield, S2 3UJ, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22

Fly posting

  • Mr Oliver Zee (23), of Junction Road, Sharrow, Sheffield, S11 8XA, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22

Distributing free literature without a permit

  • Mr Stephen Haughton (21), of Asbourton Close, Adwick Le Street, Doncaster DN16 7DE, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22
  • Mr Isaac Cruickshank (21), of Nottingham Street, Sheffield, S3 9HL, fine £220, costs £118.79, surcharge £22

The total figure from these convictions including all fines, costs and surcharges was £9,581.33.

Councillor Terry Fox, cabinet member for Environment and Transport at Sheffield City Council said: “We are delighted that once again the courts continue to back the Council’s strong approach to littering and other environmental crime. These cases demonstrate that we will take action against those who spoil our city.

“We are committed to keeping Sheffield clean and tidy for our residents, businesses and visitors. This is a great result and sends a clear message of no tolerance to those who disrespect the city and our environment.”

In the last year Environmental Enforcement Officers have issued over 1,200 Fixed Penalty Notices to people dropping litter across the city. In most cases the individuals admitted the offence and paid the Fixed Penalty.

Those that did not pay the fixed penalty have been prosecuted, with over 120 offenders prosecuted in the last 12 months.