4 October 2017

A total of 17 people caught dropping litter in Sheffield have been prosecuted.

Each person was offered the chance to pay an £80 fixed penalty but failed to do so and was taken to court.

The offenders appeared before Sheffield Magistrates’ Court and were fined £200,  and ordered to pay the Council’s costs of £160,  as well as a victim surcharge of £30,  a total of £410 each.  Together,  the penalties total £6,970.

Sheffield City Council’s environmental enforcement officers have issued 647 notices to litter louts across the city in the last 12 months.

Most of them admitted to the offence and paid the penalty but 182 people have been taken to court after not paying the fine.

Those convicted on Thursday 28th  September 2017 were:

  • Miss Kerry Fowler (28),  of Jaunty Crescent,  Sheffield
  • Mrs Zaneta Sariskova (23),  of Owler Lane,  Sheffield
  • Miss Dawn Hukins (47),  of Deer Park Close,  Sheffield
  • Mr Richard Bell (42),  of Queenswood Road,  Sheffield
  • Mr Zhi Yu (32),  of Gleadless Road,  Sheffield
  • Mr Shajahan Miah (44),  of Glebe Street,  Loughborough
  • Mrs Kagma Wysooa (37),  of Ayres Road,  Manchester
  • Mr Qingfeng Pan (25),  of Charter Square,  Sheffield
  • Mr Raidaf Swafsw (25),  of Queen Mary Rise,  Sheffield
  • Mr Mustapha Ferden (23),  of London Road,  Sheffield,
  • Mr Mark Tragere (38),  of Greenhill Main Road,  Sheffield
  • Mr Haoyu Qi (24),  of Solly Street,  Sheffield
  • Mrs Melanie Benton (51),  of Applegarth Close,  Sheffield
  • Mr Thomas G Bowman (30),  of Ashley Down Road,  Bristol
  • Mr Marian Boh (29),  of Lynthorne Road,  Bradford
  • Mr Siao Chen (27),  of Langsett Road,  Sheffield
  • Mr Bmb Ekinir (28),  of Grimesthorpe Road,  Sheffield

Bryan Lodge,  Cabinet Member for the Environment and Street Scene, said:  “These successful prosecutions are important in sending out a clear message that dropping litter will never be tolerated and the court agrees with our zero tolerance approach.

“Prevention is always better and avoids the use of vital Council resources and money to keep our city free of the rubbish left by a selfish minority.

“Rather than drop litter people should either take it home or put it in one of the 3,500 bins across the city.”

Anyone who wants to report a litter problem can call 0114 2734567 or https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/report