13 September 2017

The Lord Mayor’s consort, Gavin Holliday, will be walking 45 miles in 24 hours, to raise money for the Lord Mayor’s Charity Fund.

He will walk around the city boundary, following a route called ‘The Sheffield Way’, which was written about in 1986 in a guide book by Councillor Peter Price.

Gavin Holliday read the book and decided to take up the challenge, as he explains:

“Peter suggested it could be completed in a day, if anyone was daft enough to want to attempt it! I am really looking forward to finishing the walk in that time and raising funds for the Lord Mayor’s charities. If anyone wishes to join me on this epic ramble they are welcome. If not they can show their support by donating to the charities who are doing fantastic work. You can make a donation on my Justgiving page”

Mr Holliday, who aims to raise £1,000, will take his first steps on Saturday 16 September, at 7am on Sheffield Old Road in Tinsley. He plans to arrive at Ecclesfield Road by 9.30am where he will be met by supporters including Lord Mayor, Councillor Anne Murphy. She said:

“My job will be to provide food and drink for the walkers and most important of all, the plasters! It will be a great day and I would ask everyone to join the walk and see for themselves the countryside and landscape that has given Sheffield the reputation as the Outdoor City.”

The author of the book, ‘The Sheffield Way’, Councillor Peter Price will also be walking with Gavin for part of the way.

Mr Holliday expects to finish his journey in the early hours of Sunday morning, returning to where he started in Tinsley between 3am and 4am.