8 March 2016

Local shops in a Sheffield district centre are getting a makeover in a project aimed at putting the heart back into the area. This will be the third such project for the city.

Work starts next week to refurbish over 100 shop frontages on London Road, giving them new signage and guttering, and sprucing them up.

The work is expected to take around 10 months and is part of Sheffield City Council’s strategy to help, support and promote District and local shopping centres.

The cost is funded by the New Homes Bonus.

Councillor Jayne Dunn the Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing said: “London Road has a strong community and excellent transport links, but has many shops in poor state of repair. Given that this is one of the main routes into the city centre, this project will help the area become more attractive to shoppers and boost the centre’s potential.

“The scheme is about more than refurbishing some shop fronts. Regenerating shopping centres can put the heart back into a district and make it a place where people want to live and businesses want to invest, and encouraging housing development on nearby vacant sites.

“With over 100 shops signing up to the scheme, work will be going on throughout the spring and summer and into next year. Businesses will remain open at all times and we aim to keep disruption to a minimum. We can assure shoppers that it will be worth the wait.”

Paul Roberts from contractors RF Joinery and Shopfitting Ltd added: “We are proud to be working in conjunction with Sheffield City Council and the local community to regenerate areas within the local community and promote a sustainable city.”

The wider regeneration framework for the centre includes improvements to the general street scene to make the area feel cleaner and safer as well as training and support for traders.