Work experience placement Jack Burrows (Sheffield)

Jack was 16 years old when he enquired about work experience with us at our Sheffield City Centre scheme. He was interested in bolstering his BTEC engineering qualification he was studying at school. Jack used his school holidays to spend a week with us. Jack’s experience while on site with us included:

  • Shadowing surveyor, looking at levels and drawings
  • Shadowing Foreman and ganger
  • Dealing with the public, directing them around the works
  • CAT & Genny work
  • Health & Safety on Site
Jack Moran
Jack Burrows
Jack Burrows

He enjoyed his experience so much, that he enquired about an opportunity to join ECN through an apprenticeship. The application was sent out and returned within a day, this was followed by an interview and Jack was successfully granted employment with Eurovia Contracting. Jack showed great enthusiasm throughout his time with us and was always punctual and polite, he mixed very well and became one of the team very quickly.

During his apprenticeship, we will be supporting Jack in passing his driving test, successfully gaining NVQ L2 qualification and gaining 5 core skills in CAT & Genny, manual handling, abrasive wheels, first aid and banksman.

Apprenticeship Program Jack Moran

Jack Moran is 21 years old and successfully applied to our apprenticeship program last year. He is currently studying towards NVQ L2 in Highways Maintenance (Construction) and Highways Maintenance (Excavation Operations).

Jack’s experience on site to date includes

  • General labouring
  • Banking machines/mini digger/vans/concrete deliveries
  • Drainage installation
  • Placing gully lids and frames
  • Laying kerbs and paving to line and levels
  • Dealing with the public, directing them around the works
  • Experience in laying ducts
  • CAT & Genny work
  • Mixing and placing Steintec