15 November 2017

Jody, age 13 from Sheffield was left unable to trust anyone or build positive meaningful relationships, when she came into foster care. Since becoming involved in a mentoring scheme, run by Diana Award at Chaucer School, Sheffield, she has managed to turn her life around.  Recently she spoke at a Diana Award event attended by the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.

Jody said: “Working on this project really boosted my confidence.  I was talking to other young people from my school that I would not normally speak too. It made me realise that what I had to say was equally as important as what other people were saying.

She added: “At the beginning of the programme I would never have had the confidence to get up in front of 150 other students and speak let alone stand here and speak in front of a room of people of such importance. But thanks to this programme I can happily say I’m much more confident and have found my voice.

“Now I feel more comfortable at school, I no longer walk round with my head down and hands in my pockets. I find it easier to make new friends and through my increasing self-confidence I now feel more comfortable in opening up to my foster carer.

“Thanks to the Diana Award I feel more confident than ever that I will achieve my dream of becoming a chef.”

Zoe, Jody’s mentor said: “I am so proud of all that Jody has achieved in a short period of time and this makes me excited about her future and all that she’ll go on to achieve.”

Councillor Jackie Drayton said: “It’s impressive to hear of Jody’s journey. With the help of her mentor, foster carers and her own hard work, she has come such a long way.  Jody is a fantastic role model to all young people and I’ve no doubt that she will achieve her dream of becoming a chef.

“It’s wonderful to read such positive stories about children and young people, like Jody, who, through no fault of their own come into our care.

“It’s fantastic that we have projects like the Diana Award and our brilliant foster carers to support and nurture our children and young people to help them achieve their full potential.  We need more foster carers to provide loving homes for our children and young people, like Jody – being a Foster Carer is extremely rewarding, can be challenging but foster carers can and do change lives. If you’re interested please get in touch”

Jody is one of over 500 children in our care. Every year Sheffield City Council need over 400 foster carers to give children and young people a loving home. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer please call Ruth on 0114 273 5075 or email fostering@sheffield.gov.uk