Sheffield Council’s Environmental Protection Service are reminding dog owners that it is a legal requirement for dogs to be microchipped, and for the details on the microchip to be those of the current keeper, and that failure to do so could lead to prosecutions and fines.

Microchipping is in place to enable identification of a dog and its keeper, with updated microchips acting as a deterrent to dog theft and giving vets the ability to easily contact an owner in an emergency.

Since 2016, puppies have to be microchipped from 8 weeks old, so it is advised that before you buy a dog, you ensure it already is microchipped and update the contact details as necessary.

In order for microchip data to be useful, the details recorded must be up to date. Therefore owners who move house, or even change their mobile telephone number should remember to ensure their dog’s microchip is updated.

Incorrect or out-of-date information will mean your dog is not legally considered microchipped.

Owners should also be aware that dogs must still wear a collar and tag with the owner’s details on it, as well as being microchipped.

Several Sheffield dog owners have recently been prosecuted for failing to microchip their dogs when required to do so.

The owners were served a legal notice by Sheffield City Council to correct the details on their pets’ microchips when it became aware that these were incorrect.

Despite the legal notice and follow up letters and phone calls, four owners failed to update their pets’ microchips.  They were found guilty on the 11th September 2018 with the total fines, costs and surcharges totalling £1,901.

Mark Parry, SCC Environmental Enforcement Team Manager, said:

It’s really important that we raise public awareness on the law around microchipping so dog owners are clear on the steps they need to take to act responsibly in keeping their pets safe.
Microchipped dogs are much more likely to be returned to their owners as alternative methods of identification such as a collar and tag, can fall off or become illegible.
If anyone is facing difficulty in microchipping their dogs or needs further advice, I would advise them to contact the Council’s environmental protection service on 0114 2734567.

SCC offers free microchipping in partnership with Dogs Trust and appointments can be made by ringing 07817 497 995.