17 April 2017

More children have been given their choice of primary school in Sheffield, admissions results out today (Monday, 17 April) show.

In total 6,079 children received a preferred place, an increase on last year’s results.

98.19 per cent of pupils starting primary school in September have been given a place in one of their preferred schools, an increase from 97.55 per cent last year.

More children have also been given their first choice of schools. 92.05 per cent of pupils starting primary school in September have been given their first preference, an increase from 90.05 per cent last year.

Sheffield City Council has helped a higher number of families get the place they preferred by providing 60 extra places for children in reception classes for September 2017. The new through school being built in the North East of Sheffield, will provide an additional 60 reception places when it opens in September 2018.

Councillor Jackie Drayton, Sheffield City Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families, said: “Despite the rise in school numbers and the pressure on primary places I’m pleased that Sheffield continues to perform well for its families.

“However my heart goes out to those children and families who have not got their school of choice, I understand and know how upsetting that can be, that’s why we are continuing to build new schools to provide places across the City so in the future all families can get their school preference.

“I would urge anyone who is not happy with their school place to get in touch with our admissions team as soon as possible for advice.”

Children who were not allocated any of their three preferences have either been referred to their catchment school or been allocated the nearest primary school with places available.

Information and advice is available for anyone not satisfied with the school they have been allocated. Parents also have the right to appeal. Appeals take place in June and July.

More information is available at http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/schools-childcare/catchment-areas-over-subscribed-schools

You can also email the team at ed-admissions@sheffield.gov.uk