19 May 2017

A further six people were ordered to pay out more than £2,000 in court last week, after being caught dropping litter in the streets.

Each person was offered the opportunity to pay a fixed penalty at the time of the offence but they declined to do so, and so were prosecuted.

During the last 12 months, Enforcement Officers from Sheffield City Council’s Environmental Protection Service have issued 684 notices to litter louts across the city.

In most cases, those people caught dropping litter admitted the offence and paid the fixed penalty. However, those who chose not to pay were taken to court, resulting in 219 prosecutions in the last 12 months.

Those convicted on Thursday 11 May at Sheffield Magistrates Court were:

  • Mr Jia Xu (22) of City Lofts St Paul’s, 7 St Paul’s Square, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £160
  • Miss Stephanie Hart (25) of Cuthbert Cooper Place, Sheffield, fine £50, no costs awarded
  • Mr William Hulme (19) of Woodseats Road, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £160
  • Mr Zair Nahmood (21) of Central Quay, Alma Street, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £160
  • Mr Chang (Alex) Zhao (25) of West One Aspect, Cavendish Street, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £160

They also each had to pay a victim surcharge of £30, bringing the total of fines and costs to £2,130.

A Sheffield City Council spokesman said: “We are pleased that the courts continue to support our efforts in keeping Sheffield clean and tidy. We will not tolerate those who spoil it – and these results clearly demonstrate that.

“We ask that all Sheffield residents do their bit to protect our environment and keep our streets litter-free.”