16 December 2016

A total of 25 people who dumped waste on our city’s streets were hit in the pocket earlier this week, after being successfully prosecuted for littering by Sheffield City Council’s Environmental Protection Service.

This brings the total number of fixed penalty notices issued by the council’s Environmental Enforcement Officers in 2016 to 849 – an average of 16 a week. Most of these litter louts admitted the offence and paid the fixed penalty of £80.

However, those that did not pay the fixed penalty – 225 people out of the 849 – were prosecuted. Those convicted on Wednesday 15th December, who together had to pay out a total of more than £10,000, were:

Chloe Mae Landrey (21), of Robert Pearson Mews, Grimsby, fine £220, costs £168

Scott Jones (37), of Hall Street East, Darlaston, fine £220, costs £168

Eddie Adikhanov (18), of Shore Court, Shore Lane, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Gemma Woolhouse (37), of Framlingham Road, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Junior Lafayette (34), of Nursery Street, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Talia Fatemi (18), of Circle Close, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Charlotte Kitchener (22), of Digby Gardens, Grimsby, fine £220, costs £168

Yafo Tien (23), of Velocity Tower, St Mary’s Gate, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Sunita Kraisun (36), of St Paul’s Square, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Leanne Greenaway (32), of Eccleston Court, Northwich, fine £220, costs £168

Gail Hull (37), of Deep Lane, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Danielle Baker (28), of Ridal Croft, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Saleh Mohammed (25), of Batemoor Road, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Zicheng Wang (21), of Shoreham Street, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Junchao Sao (21), of Shoreham Street, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Liam Steven Cole (28), of Plumpton Avenue, Mexborough, fine £220, costs £168

Jonathan Roberts (26), of Ramsey Road, Sheffield, fine £100, costs £100

Jack William Shaw (22), of Welbeck Street, Creswell, fine £220, costs £168

Neil White (27), of Welbeck Street, Creswell, fine £220, costs £168

Grant Hancock (53), of Beech Crescent, Killamarsh, Sheffield, fine £85, costs £85

Minmin Chao (22), of Broad Street, Sheffield, fine £220, costs £168

Mehmood Tahir (35), of Gibbet Street, Halifax, fine £220, costs £168

Conrad Smith (25), of Springwood Road, Doncaster, fine £220, costs £168

Mohen Rihd (21), of Everton Road, Liverpool, fine £220, costs £168

Edwin Brown (68), of Meynell Way, Killamarsh, fine £220, costs £168

In all, the fines, costs and victim surcharges of £30 each total £10,044.  The cases were dealt with by the “Single Justice Procedure”, a new initiative by the judiciary to save court time.

Bryan Lodge, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Sheffield City Council said “We are pleased that the courts continue to support our council’s efforts to keep Sheffield clean.

“As these latest results prove, we can and do take action against those who drop litter on our city’s streets.

“Everyone should do their bit to improve our environment and we will not tolerate those who spoil it.”