14 December 2015

There has been a 30% increase in satisfaction levels with how the city’s roads are maintained according to the National Highways and Transport Network (NHT).

The NHT surveyed over 3000 Sheffield households from across the city and found that since the start of the Streets Ahead project in August 2012, year on year the public’s satisfaction with the road network had improved.

The survey also shows that more people are satisfied with the other highway services that are carried out as part of the Streets Ahead project than they were in 2012. It showed:

  • An increase of 43% in the condition of road surfaces
  • A 27% increase in the speed of repairs to damaged roads and pavements
  • A 20% increase in the cleanliness of roads
  • An 18% increase in the speed that potholes and damage to the road is repaired
  • A 17% increase in the way that highway verges, trees and shrubs are maintained
  • A 14 % increase in the speed that street lights are repaired

Cllr Terry Fox, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: “I am very pleased to see the results from the NHT survey and to see that the public are seeing the benefits of the works that are taking place across the city.

“For many years, the condition of the roads has been one of the main issues that have been raised with all councillors. I know that the Streets Ahead works can be disruptive but I hope that many residents will read these survey results and know that a small amount of disruption will be worth it in the long term.”

Graeme Symonds, Streets Ahead CIP Director, said: “It is excellent news that the works we are carrying out in Sheffield as part of the Streets Ahead project is making a big difference to the city, and that this is benefiting residents.

“The findings from these surveys are very useful to us as they enable us to see how we’re progressing and how the public perceive the upgrades that we’re making. This is very important to us and the fact that the published findings show an increase in satisfaction is very positive.

“We come to the end of the main part of our upgrade works in 2017 so it will be interesting to see the findings from the 2018 survey, as this will give us a true reflection of the public’s perception of the Streets Ahead works.”

Now in its eighth year, the NHT Public Satisfaction Survey collects public perspectives on, and satisfaction with, highways and transportation services across more than 100 local councils.