Originally posted by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive

4 July 2017

Business leaders and young people have welcomed a new 16-18 travel pass scheme that allows more young people than ever to benefit from discounted public transport fares across South Yorkshire, prior to its launch this weekend.

As part of the enhanced scheme, from last Saturday 1 July all 16-18 year olds living in South Yorkshire, including those in apprenticeships and employment, can apply for a 16-18 Travel Pass to benefit from child concession fares.

The pass will also, for the first time, be valid during August, to allow young people in this age bracket to receive reduced travel rates, including 80p single fares on bus and tram, half price rail fare on Northern rail services and value for money operator tickets, across South Yorkshire all year round.

Lewis Newbold, an apprentice at Woodlands Library through Engage TD, said: “I think the new 16-18 Travel Pass is a great idea, as it will help so much with my finance and budgeting. It will also enable me to visit family and friends more often, when I am not at work, and help with the travel costs when I volunteer as a police cadet.”

Nigel Brewster, vice chair of the Sheffield City Region, said: “There is a strong business culture in the Sheffield City Region, and we welcome moves like this which make it easier for young people to get and keep employment or to travel to education or training.

“The ‘let’s get it done’ work-ethic in Sheffield City Region harnesses drive and ambition. With everyone pulling together, and a significant sense of community, we are achieving transformational change and building a thriving, super-connected and successful economy. This is helping to attract, retain and develop skills in the region which are so important for sustainable growth.”

The changes to the concessionary travel scheme for young people, made by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) in response to customer feedback, were approved by the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority Transport Committee on 8 May.

Jack Scott, Cabinet Member for Transport and Sustainability at Sheffield City Council, said: “I am so pleased that we’re launching the new 16-18 Travel Pass. Enabling all 16-18 year olds in South Yorkshire to benefit from discounted travel across the area is an extremely positive move, and one which will open up new opportunities for career development for our young people.”

Stephen Edwards, SYPTE Executive Director, said: “We are delighted to roll out the enhancements to the child concessionary travel scheme for 16-18 year olds in South Yorkshire this weekend. The changes will allow us to better support young people to access learning, training, employment and other opportunities beyond existing academic boundaries.”

Customers applying for a 16-18 Travel Pass can do so from 1 July, online at travelsouthyorkshire.com, or via a paper application from an Interchange.